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Issue No. 27 - Summer 2012
· Make Sure You're Using Best Use Practices With .25Plus™
· Robot Ready™: Not Just For Robots
· Semex's Shadow - The Golden Cross
· Repromax™: Help Her Pay Her Way
· Is 100 Your Goal? Should It Be?
· Swissgenetics: Dual Purpose Simmental
Issue No. 26 - Winter 2012
· Introducing Robot Ready™
· Thinking About Your Future Every Day
· Semex Line-Up: More Diversified Than Ever
· The 30-60-90 Rule In Breeding Cows
· Udder Health & Reproductive Consequences
· No Stone Left Unturned In Semex Jersey Program
· Swissgenetics: Leading Genomics In Brown Swiss
Issue No. 25 - Fall 2011
· Proven Family, Proven Results: Smithden Admiral
· Analyzing Semen Key To High Quality & Fertility
· Semex Exports Record Number of Embryos
· Getting Out Every Dollar You Invest: Keys To Repro Mgt
· More Heifer Calves - More Profit With Semexx™
· Repromax™ Conception Rates Ring Bells At Australia Dairy
· Swissgenetics Sets New Export Record
Issue No. 24 - Summer 2011
· Full Brothers Offer Unique Opportunity
· Investing More In Each Dose: Semex's R&D
· Choosing Mating Sires: Genomax™ Bulls vs Progeny Proven Bulls
· Individual Cow Care: To Lower Lameness In Your Herd
· Reproduction Impacted By Disease: Three Disorders That Will Derail Repro Success
· Swissgenetics: The Extraordinary Jola