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Semex ProMate Mating Program

Promate is a computer-based program that ensures you get the most out of your investment in genetic improvement by removing the guesswork associated with corrective mating.

Our expert evaluators individually score each cow, noting the traits that most need improving, and then discuss your breeding objectives, including production, conformation and workability standards, and of course, budget.

A computer program then matches each cow to a range of selected bulls using the latest genetic evaluation data. The program also takes pedigree information into account to prevent or minimise the effects of inbreeding.

Basic charges start at $3/cow (even less if you purchase from the Semex catalogue) plus an initial management fee of $50 per herd. Farmers who purchase a majority of their semen from Semex will receive their mate program free of charge. Cows only have to be assessed once, meaning the total cost declines significantly in subsequent years.

For information contact the Semex NZ Limited Office or your local Sales Representative.